BoomLand is both a blockchain gaming platform and a sustainable blockchain economy. In our virtual world, gamers and developers can earn $BOOM and $BGEM tokens for playing games and providing content to the BoomLand Metaverse.

With a highly experienced and creative studio BoomBit as our main content provider, we cannot wait to bring top quality games packed with adventures and larger than life characters in the blockchain space. With over a billion downloads, including recognition from both Google and Apple, we have a proven track record in producing games that Web3 players can now also enjoy!

In BoomLand, players will be able to connect directly with game developers and one another. BoomLand operates as a Decentralized Autonomous Organization (DAO), where gamers will play a pivotal role in determining the future of the platform. Thus, giving our gaming community a voice in how BoomLand evolves.

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BoomLand is a Blockchain Gaming Platform backed by BoomBit, where gamers play for fun but also Play And Earn! 🎮