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Hey, Landers!

Karina here👋. I’ll deliver the latest product and development news, so you will always stay updated on the job done by the BoomLand team.

Announcing the BoomLand Ecosystem, we promised some features that every web3 gamer finds

Promises are, of course, good (especially in web3-gaming, lol), but the promise must be delivered. And we used the bear market to develop the platform. As we mentioned in the previous article, soon, we’ll announce dates for The Prime GAO, minting dates, and the open beta release of Hunters On-Chain. To have a fully-operational game, we need a secure ecosystem that supports its launch. In this teaser, I’ll highlight the main modules, pieces of the BoomLand architecture that you will be able to check out this month.

Module 1 — Games

Since we’ll launch the playable Hunters On-Chain demo right after the minting date, you need the interface to access it. We’ll distribute early test access to guilds we’re partnering with and to early adopters who will be lucky enough to own “The Prime” NFTs.

This module will give you an instant visualization of every accessible game, all the current quests you have active, all the current promotional events you may be interested in, and a snapshot of any tournament or event you have entered. V1, though, will contain info on the first launched game, the ones in development, and future releases that our community will vote for through our Decentralized Publishing Organization (the Governance module).

Module 2 — The Marketplace

If you want something done right, do it yourself.

NFTs are a crucial element of the entire BoomLand universe. Not only are they the assets that carry in-game value and players’ hard-earned wealth, but it is also a representation of players’ skills and engagement in the community.

BoomLand’s NFT Marketplace will be the center of the ecosystem where players can trade or rent their assets. Players only need to connect their wallet with which they play BoomLand games, and everything they have, including metadata and history, will appear on their profile page.

Sneak peek of the NFTs sale page

Our marketplace has convenient filtering features, so you can search playable/items NFTs and define that starting bid that you can pay for it. You can filter NFTs by level, rarity, specific in-game stats, and even Boom Power!

Spoiler-not-spoiler: BoomLand’s NFTs from third-party platforms like OpenSea will be visible on our marketplace.

The same filtering features will be accessible from the renting page — we want to make blockchain games accessible for everyone, even for players that cannot afford or are unwilling to invest in an NFT asset. For that reason, we implemented a user-friendly borrowing/lending mechanism designed to enable everyone to enjoy the game and climb the reward ladder. You’ll be able to check the rental price in $BOOM tokens and a revenue share percentage from the NFT you want to rent.

Single view feature

All these pages will be accessible to whitelisted members only or if you participated in our special pre-sale activity — follow our Discord #announcements channel for this one.

Module 3 — Asset Management

On the BoomLand Marketplace, you can buy NFTs, but not only playable. Can you guess the utility of the blurred NFT on the screenshot?

The Asset Management module will be the place where you can visualize your entire digital asset collection. It is also where you can perform all the actions involving asset interaction to unlock in-game benefits (Hunter’s Summoning, weapon crafting, etc.)

Check out the “reward progress” bar above. Players will have a Boom Power that reflects the total combination of all the assets they own on the platform, giving them access to exclusive benefits as their Boom Power increases.

The Governance and DeFi modules are under development. Don’t forget to subscribe to our Medium — you’ll get all product-related updates in your e-mail. We promise not to spam!

Check out more about the Governance and DeFi modules in our whitepaper.

Ok, thank you if you got this far. The last thing to — join BoomLand’s socials!

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