BoomLand Takes it To the Next Level with Immutable!

2 min readFeb 6, 2024


We are thrilled to share the news that marks a pivotal moment for BoomLand — our migration to Immutable! This move is set to drastically improve the BoomLand experience, taking users on a seamless journey from start to finish.

Over the past year, we have listened closely to community feedback and have invested our efforts in enhancing every aspect of your gaming experience. With that commitment in mind we have made the decision to join forces with Immutable.

Our shared values will help to propel BoomLand into our next phase of development.

Key Highlights of BoomLand’s Move to Immutable:

  • Enhanced User Experience: Immutable ensures a far superior user experience, providing lightning-fast transaction speeds, a seamless interface and low gas prices.
  • Optimised Gameplay in Hunters On-Chain: BoomLand’s flagship game, Hunters On-Chain has been live on Mainnet and Free-To-Play for several months. However, we hope that the easy onboarding with the Immutable passport will provide an even more seamless user journey for new players entering the ecosystem.
  • Addressing Challenges Head-On: We acknowledge the challenges that have arisen in the past year, and this move is a strategic step towards overcoming those hurdles. Immutable provides robust solutions that will fortify BoomLand’s infrastructure and ensure a resilient platform for the future.
  • Aligned Values: BoomLand and Immutable share a common vision — seamless web3 gaming for all, irresistible digital assets and absolutely no compromises. Our values are deeply rooted in innovation, user satisfaction and ease of use.
  • Collaborating Toward a Shared Goal: This migration symbolises a collaborative effort between BoomLand and Immutable toward a shared goal. We are united in our commitment to shaping the future of web3 gaming, making it accessible and enjoyable for everyone.

We’d like to thank the BoomLand community for their support so far, we are excited to take this next step in the journey with you.

More details about the Immutable partnership to follow in the coming weeks.

Until then, see you in The Hunting Grounds!




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