Hunters On-Chain Testnet is LIVE!

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Attention all Hunters and Landers, we have some exciting news to share with you!

Since the finale of the Launch Tournament, we’ve been absolutely thrilled with the amount of positive feedback we’ve received from the community. It’s clear that you’re all eager to jump into the game and start earning some $BGEM, and we’re happy to say that we’re one step closer to making that happen! Today, we’re proud to announce the release of the Hunters On-Chain #OnPolygon Testnet!

The Testnet Release

To maintain a well-balanced game economy and meet our players’ high standards after the influx of thousands of Common Hunters, we initially decided to release the game on Polygon Mumbai (Testnet). This build includes full support for blockchain features, such as Sequence wallet integration and the ability to purchase and open Hunt Boxes containing various items.

Additionally, we may re-balance and tweak the economy as needed. The in-game economy has undergone various simulations, and with this release, we will finally test its sustainability with real players.

The Reward System

We can not leave our players empty-handed! Every participant taking part in the Testnet will be rewarded when Hunters On-Chain is officially launched on the Mainnet. This will give you a great head start, and to ensure that everyone is rewarded fairly — we’ve developed a generous compensation system. We’ll announce this system’s specifics in our next Medium post, but for now, all you need to know is that consistency will be key!

Hunters On-Chain Testnet Contents

Hunters On-Chain will offer several game modes:

- Hunt, a co-op PvE game mode where 4 Hunters survive in the arena
- Hardcore Hunt. It’s like Hunt Mode, but enemies are much more powerful, and there can be only ONE winner. BGEM rewards are increased.
- Boss Hunt, a co-op PvE game mode where 4 Hunters face increasingly harder waves of enemies and the final boss.

More game modes will be added in future updates

Energy consumption system

Each Hunter has a unique Energy level. For Common Hunters, the base energy level is 5 points. So, the more Common Hunters you own, the more games you can play daily!

Wallet integration

We integrated a wallet log-in, allowing players who own a Common Hunter to easily connect their Sequence Testnet wallet, view its content within the game and play.

Hunt Boxes

As players progress through different game modes, they can earn $BGEM, the in-game on-chain currency of BoomLand, which can be used to purchase Hunt Boxes. These chests may contain $BGEM, various NFTs such as Hunter Shards, Equipment, Artifacts, and on rare occasions, new Hunters. Wooden and Silver Hunt Boxes contain all these NFTs for Common Hunters.

Testnet Updates

We’re constantly upgrading the game, and this build already has the new tutorial for keyboards. To keep things interesting, we will add Missions & Daily Quests in the next spring update. Missions are sets of goals that offer valuable rewards, including new Hunters, and Daily Quests provide daily goals and earnings.

Thank you for being so interested in Hunters On-Chain! Follow us on social media, participate in WL activities, and become one of the first Web3 Free-to-Play adopters. See you at the Hunting Grounds!

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