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WEN BOOM? Your Guide to the $BOOM Presale

What is $BOOM?

$BOOM is being launched to sustain the ever-growing BoomLand ecosystem

The Facts:

  • 5 billion total supply
  • Utility token for the entire ecosystem
  • Access to premium features within all BoomLand games. You can see how $BOOM will be used in the wider BoomLand ecosystem through its application in “Hunters On-Chain” — the first title to be released.

What are these “premium features”?

Players within Hunters On-Chain are able to utilise $BOOM by:

  • Upgrading — increasing the power and energy of Hunters
  • Summoning — breeding new Hunters
  • Purchasing tickets — access to exclusive game modes + many more to be added as BoomLand’s roster of game titles increases

Hunters On-Chain will be fully F2P by the end of October 2023

$BOOM Token Pre-Sale Overview

  • 19th October 2023
  • 5 Million Limited Supply
  • FCFS
  • Max Purchase: $1,000 USDC per wallet

There will be a 14-day lockup period, following this period, you will receive your $BOOM.

This period of immobility not only stabilizes the initial market but also ensures a level playing field for all participants.

$BOOM Pre-sale Opportunities

The $BOOM pre-sale offers an exclusive path to unlock extra tokens at preferential rates. Holders who play Hunters On-Chain for 14 days, will receive a FREE NFT and an additional 5000 $BOOM tokens at a reduced rate of $0.011/BOOM. As participants level up in the $BOOM ecosystem, more opportunities for discounted token acquisition become available.

How to purchase $BOOM?

It’s simple.

  • Head to
  • Calculate the number of $BOOM you would like to buy at a rate of 0.011 USDC.
  • Pay for the number of $BOOM you would like to receive in USDC on the Polygon Network. The Pre-sale will end either when the 5 million supply has sold out or at 11:59pm UTC on 22/10.

After the 14 day lockup period is complete you will be able to claim your $BOOM from using the wallet you used to make the purchase.

Please note we are only accepting payments in USDC on Polygon. Other tokens or chains will not be considered.

Additional Information
$BOOM tax is set at 7.5% when being moved between wallets. From 30/11/23 this tax will be reduced to 5%.




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