3 min readMar 7, 2023

Hey fellow Landers, are you ready to enter The Hunting Grounds? BoomLand is bringing you the first-ever epic tournament in Hunters On-Chain, and it’s time to show off your skills for a free digital collectible: a Common Hunter NFT!

Get ready to face the best of the best! Everyone will return home with a prize, but only the most fearsome of them will get their hands on the most amazing ones!

How to participate?

Starting today, Tuesday, March 7th, you can join the action by heading over to our website and clicking on the tournament banner.

1. Go to:

2. Click on the tournament banner

3. Login with your Sequence wallet and start playing!

If you don’t have one, you will be able to create it within the pop-up. It takes only 5 seconds! P.S.: if you do not see a pop-up, be sure that it’s not blocked in your browser settings.

And don’t worry if you don’t have any NFTs, because we’ve got you covered with some pre-made playable characters to help you get started. Everyone will get the same set of Hunters for an even playing field.

Let’s Talk About Rewards

We know what you wanna hear — the prizes. We’re talking 5,000 Common Hunters and over 1M $BGEMs for the leaderboard winners. Plus, every player that is in the top 5000 will receive a free Common Hunter NFT to start playing Hunters On-Chain on the Mainnet launch for free. This is your chance to become a true legend in the world of Blockchain gaming.

The very peak of huntsmanship is rewarded with Genesis Chests and a vault full of $BGEMs!

Community Milestone

After reaching 5.000 players in the leaderboard, we will make a massive random Genesis chests giveaway to anyone who participated in the tournament. These are SUPER RARE Chests that contain Genesis Hunters with a Legendary artifact: it enables a 100% $BGEM earning boost compared to any other Premium Hunters. So, they will forever be the most rewarding asset in the game. To reach 5000 players, we need all of our community’s support. Invite your friends, relatives, school teacher, grandmother (only if they’re gamers, of course!!)

By the end of the next week, we will release a login form on our website that ties all your wallets to one account. That’s how you’ll get your Common Hunters on Mainnet release. So what are you waiting for? Log in with your Sequence wallet, and let the battle begin!

Good luck to all of our participants, and may the best Hunters win: we’ll see each other in The Hunting Grounds ⚔️

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